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ELG & EGB team up to help a neighbor

The Emerging Leaders Group teamed with the Emerging Green Builders to sponsor a home for Rebuilding Together Day, Saturday April 24th. Through a number of fundraising events we were able to raise the money required to sponsor a house and last Saturday our team went to work.

Our homeowner was Charlotte; a delightful 78yr old woman who has lived in this home in Tacoma for 50+ years. Most of the heaters in her home worked very poorly, if at all. The hood over her stove did not work, she had a cracked window in her bathroom, no handrail at her back steps and the doors to the exterior were not insulated well. Our focus was to update these items and we were also able to do a few other improvements in her kitchen, pantry and bathroom such as replacing the light fixtures, painting and replacing her phone.

We were overjoyed when Jim Newman of Rushforth Construction agreed to be our House Captain. He was invaluable in leading our efforts on Rebuilding Day with his expertise as well as recruiting his many professional contacts. City Electric was fantastic donating baseboard heaters and light fixtures. They had a team of 6 volunteers replacing the baseboard heaters, stove hood, light fixtures and making sure that the associated wiring was working properly. GE generously donated the range hood. Washington Architectural Hardware donated a custom size door and weather stripping. Sound glass donated time and material to replace the cracked window glass. Alliance Steel provided and installed a custom handrail for Charlotte’s back door’s concrete stairs.

Thanks to all of our volunteers that participated!

Charlotte’s home was filled with volunteers buzzing around. We had so many people that wanted to be a part of the effort that we had to break into two shifts in order to accommodate the number of volunteers in Charlotte’s home. The morning shift enjoyed coffee provided by Cutter’s Point and when the shifts overlapped at lunchtime, everyone enjoyed pizza provided by the Hub.

Charlotte was overwhelmed with appreciation for the efforts of our group. The day was a success; we got together had a good time and improved the life of someone in our community.


Oscar Arett, Kina Barker, Kelly Braun (Volunteer Coordinator), Joel Braun, Kate Burnham, Dennis Burnside, Michael Conley, Brian Corcoran, Lindy Davis, Amy Dedominicis, Ben Ferguson, LeEllen Ferguson, Lauren Grouws, Les Hodkiss, Martina Heavy Runner, Jim Newman (House Captain), Matt Nolan,Todd Pietenburg, Ken Shepherd, Steffany Tilton, George Upham, Neitha Wilkey, Jim Wise, Marianne Wombacher

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